Terms and Conditions of Use

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Terms and Conditions of Use

Chapter 1 General Rules
Article 1 (Objects)

These terms and conditions are for the purpose of stipulating the use and provision of Internet-related services (hereinafter referred to as "service") provided by AltiX Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "company") on its website.

Article 2 (justice)

The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows: (1) "User" means a person who connects to a website operated by the company and receives the services provided by the company under these terms and conditions. (2) "Privacy" means the information provided by a surviving user for the service use that identifies the individual (including information that can be easily combined with other information even if the information alone does not identify the individual).

Article 3 Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions
  1. 1. This Agreement shall take effect by posting it through the initial service screen of the company-operated website.
  2. 2. The company may change these terms to the extent that they do not violate relevant laws, such as the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Framework Act on Electronic Trade, the Electronic Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, the Consumer Basic Act, and the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc. In this case, the date of application, and the reason for revision, and the change shall be applied to the initial service screen from 7 days before that date. However, if the contents are changed to be unfavorable to the users, the information shall be notified 30 days before the application date.
  3. 3. According to paragraph 2, the changed terms and conditions shall take effect in the same way as in paragraph 1.
Article 4 Outdoor Rules of Terms and Conditions
  1. 1. The company may stipulate separate service terms and conditions in relation to the individual services provided by the company. If the service terms and conditions of the individual services conflict with these terms and conditions, the individual service terms and conditions shall take precedence over these terms and conditions.
  2. 2. Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be in accordance with the relevant statutes or regulations.
Chapter 2 Using and Restricting Services
Article 5 Using Services
  1. 1. The user's application to use the service shall be regarded as consent to these terms and conditions, and a service contract shall be established under these terms and conditions when the user so requests to use the service. However, the user may withdraw his consent to this Agreement at any time.
  2. 2. Service use shall be performed 24/7 as a rule, unless the company's business or technical difficulties arise.
  3. 3. The company may temporarily suspend the provision of the service in the event of difficulties in providing normal services due to the inspection, repair, replacement, failure, communication interruption, or violation of this Agreement.
  4. 4. In the case of service interruption under paragraph 2, the company posts the relevant information to the user through the service screen. However, this is not the case when the service cannot be posted through the service screen due to service interruption due to reasons beyond the company's control.
  5. 5. The services offered by the company are basically free. However, this is not the case with services that specify that they are paid separately.
Article 6 Restrictions on the use of services
  1. 1. The company may not provide service in any of the following cases:
    1. 가. In case the user uses other unjustifiable means, such as using another person's name or registering false information for his/her personal authentication;
    2. 나. In case the user intends to use the service for profit-seeking purposes;
    3. 다. When a user applies for the use of a service for the purpose of violating the statutes or hindering public order or customs.
    4. 라. In case the user wants to use the service for fraudulent purposes
    5. 마. In case the user violates all matters prescribed in this Agreement or is unable to approve the use due to reasons attributable to the user;
  2. 2. In the case of a personal authentication service, the user must provide the company with some personal information for his/her own authentication before using it.
Article 7 Collection and utilization of personal information, etc.
  1. 1. In principle, the company does not collect or use the users' personal information and collects the minimum amount of information required to provide its own authentication service. However, the company can operate a device that automatically collects Internet access information files (the so-called cookie information) for users' smooth access to the site, and the users can block the company's Internet access information files by changing the settings of the computer they use.
  2. 2. When the company collects the users' personal information, it must obtain consent from the users concerned.
  3. 3. The user may request access to and error correction of his or her personal information at any time, and the company is obliged to take necessary actions without delay.
  4. 4. Other information related to personal information shall be in accordance with the Personal Information Handling Policy posted on the company's service screen as well as related statutes, such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.
Article 8 Restrictions on the attribution and use of copyrights
  1. 1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights of the work provided by the Company belong to the Company.
  2. 2. The users shall not use the information obtained by using the service provided by the company for profit-making purposes or use it to a third party by other means, without prior consent from the company.
Article 9 Stopping Service
  1. 1. The company can suspend service use by setting a considerable period of time in case the user commits any of the following actions:
    1. 가. I am the one who acted against public order or customs. Of or relating to criminal conduct.
    2. 나. To plan or execute the use of the service for the purpose of undermining the national interest or social interest;
    3. 다. In case of theft of personal information such as personal identification information of another person;
    4. 라. In case of damaging or penalizing another's reputation.
    5. 마. In case of harm to the service or harm to the service.
    6. 바. in violation of any other relevant statutes or these terms;
  2. 2. If the company wants to stop using the service, it shall notify the service user or his/her agent in writing or by phone. However, if the company acknowledges the need to stop using the service urgently, it can stop using the service without notice above.
Article 10 Release of Service Stop
  1. 1. The users or their representatives who have been notified of the suspension of service use pursuant to the provisions of the previous section can file an objection to the suspension of service use.
  2. 2. The company shall immediately lift the suspension measure only if the reason for the suspension is confirmed to have been resolved.
Chapter 3 Duties and Responsibilities
Article 11 The duties of a company
  1. 1. The company is obliged to provide the service continuously and reliably as provided under this Agreement.
  2. 2. The company shall handle opinions raised by a certain procedure from the user through proper procedures and inform the user of the reason and the processing schedule if it takes a certain period of time.
Article 12 User's Responsibilities
  1. 1. The users shall comply with the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions and the related statutes and shall not perform any of the following actions.
    1. 가. When registering personal information, the use of other dishonest means, such as using other people's names or registering false information, shall comply with the provisions stipulated in these terms and conditions and the related statutes, and shall not do the following:
    2. 나. Any alteration of information posted on a company-run website.
    3. 다. Transmission or posting of information, such as information not permitted by the company
    4. 라. Transmission or posting of information not permitted to infringe on intellectual property rights, such as copyrights by the company or a third party;
    5. 마. And other third party company honor of damage or disrupting your day.
    6. 바. Disclosure or posting of indecent or violent messages, burns, voices, and other information against the customs of the United States;
Article 13 Damage

The company and the users shall compensate for damages caused to the other party on purpose or negligence in connection with the service use. However, the company shall not be held liable for any damages unless they violate the privacy policy in relation to the use of the service provided for free.

Article 14 Disclaimer
  1. 1. In the event the company cannot provide the service due to natural disasters or force majeure equivalent, it is exempted from the responsibility for providing the service.
  2. 2. The company shall not be held liable for any interruption in the use of the service due to the reasons attributable to the users.
  3. 3. The company shall not be held responsible for the loss of revenue expected by the users using the service or for damages caused by data obtained through the service.
  4. 4. The company shall not be held responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the information, data and facts posted by the users on the service.
  5. 5. The company shall not be held liable for damages caused by the user's will or negligence among damages caused to the user in relation to the service use.
  6. 6. The company shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of facilities for service.
  7. 7. The company shall not be held liable in the event of damages caused by a user's computer error or in the case of damages caused by poor recording of his personal information in the user's use of the personal authentication service.
Chapter 4 General points
Article 15 Management of Posts by Users

The company may delete contents posted or registered by the user without prior notice if the contents are deemed to fall under the following items:

  1. 1. Advertisements not approved by the company, such as spam-like postings, posting promotions, and information that may not be service-related.
  2. 2. In case of slander or slander that damages the reputation of the company, other users or third parties;
  3. 3. In case of violation of the public order and the customs conditions;
  4. 4. In case of content that is recognized to be in accordance with a criminal act;
  5. 5. In case of infringement of other people's rights, such as copyrights, etc.
  6. 6. In case of violation of any other related statutes or these terms;
Article 16 Notifying and providing information to users
  1. 1. When the company notifies users of its own authentication service, it can notify them by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the user in advance or by sending a text message to the mobile phone number.
  2. 2. The company can post notification of an unspecified number of users on the bulletin board for more than one week.
  3. 3. The company can provide the users of its own authentication service by e-mail, SMS, phone, etc. with various information that is deemed necessary to use the service.
Article 17 Partly invalid

In the event that some of the provisions of this Agreement are invalid according to the relevant statutes or other laws, these Terms shall remain in effect unless the remaining Regulations are not enough or unfairly disadvantageous to the users.

Article 18 Judgeship and compliance law
  1. 1. In the case of a paid service member of the company, the company shall comply with the terms and conditions and policies set forth by the company in relation to the service.
  2. 2. The court in charge of dispute-related lawsuits arising between the company and the users regarding the use of the service shall be the Korean court with jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Act, and the applicable law shall be the Korean law.