About Us

We will strive to lead the hydrogen fuel cell &
 new materials development and to earn the public’s respect.


RTX has become a leader of the development of nano materials as well as ultra-small electron beam devices based on the patents and technologies transferred by the Korea Nuclear Energy Research Institute, and we are aiming to contribute in the fields of environment, polymer, energy, electronics, semiconductors, and nano materials.

We have developed a number of effective products, including a fuel-cell type metal nano particle catalyst (Pt/C, PtRu/C, PtCo/C), core-shell type nano particle for printing electronics, cathode active materials for secondary materials (LMP, NCM), and metal nano particles (Pd, Ni) by using our ultra-small electron beam device. In addition, we have successfully developed a non-destructive search system using a high-energy linear accelerator on our own technologies and expanded the scope of business.

RTX will strive to earn the respect and trust of our customers by placing the harmonization between people and nature as well as fair and transparent business management as our top priorities.

Thank you.