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Online Consultation

Online Consultation

Consent to the collection and use of personal information

In order to protect our personal information online, KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. makes its best efforts based on the privacy policy shown below.

1. Agree to collect personal information

All personal information handled by KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. is collected, retained, and processed based on the related statutes or with the consent of the information subject. The privacy policy is based on the current Privacy Act.

Purpose of processing (collecting) personal information

KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. processes personal information for the following purposes: Personal information being processed is not used for purposes other than the following. In the event of a change in the purpose of use, the necessary measures will be implemented, such as obtaining separate consent pursuant to Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act. For your information, our homepage does not collect personal names that can identify individuals, and it replaces them with company (group) names.

  1. 1)Utilization of marketing
    It is used as a basic data for establishing marketing plans through user statistics for downloading catalogs.
  2. 2)Response of product questions
    Use the e-mail or phone number left by the customer to send an answer to the customer's product questions, etc.
    It is also used as a guide to new products and company policy changes. 3
3. Items of personal information processed
  1. 1)Collecting items
    Collects only company name, department name (select), email, homepage address (select), phone number, and fax number (select). (We do not collect sensitive personal information, such as the person's name and resident number.)
  2. 2)Other
    The following personal information items can be automatically generated and collected in the course of using the Internet service. (IP address, cookie, service use record, visit record, etc.)
4. Providing personal information to third parties

The personal information collected and held by KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. is not provided to a third party without the user's consent. In the following cases, personal information can be provided to a third party:

  1. 1) In case of receiving separate consent from the information subject
  2. 2)In case there is a special provision in the law or it is inevitable to comply with the statutory duties
  3. 3) In the event that the information subject or his legal representative is in a state of inability to express his or her intention or cannot obtain prior consent due to an unknown address, clearly deemed necessary for the benefit of the urgent life, body or property of the informant or a third party
  4. 4) In case personal information is provided in a form that is not recognizable to a particular individual as necessary for statistical and academic research purposes
  5. 5) In the event that personal information is used for purposes other than purpose or not provided to a third party, it is not possible to carry out the duties prescribed by other laws and has been reviewed and resolved by the protective committee
  6. 6) Where necessary to provide to foreign governments or international organizations for the implementation of treaties and other international agreements
  7. 7) If necessary for the investigation of a crime and for the raising and maintenance of an indictment
  8. 8) If necessary for the execution of court proceedings
  9. 9) If necessary for the execution of type, supervision, and protective measures

In the event that KORENS KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. provides personal information to a third party, the following items will be notified to the information subject for consent.

  • Name and contact of the recipient (name of the entity or entity)
  • The purpose of personal information utilization by the recipient, and the items of personal information provided
  • The retention and utilization period of personal information of the person receiving the personal information
  • the fact that there is a right to refuse consent and, if there is a disadvantage in denying consent, the contents of the disadvantage
5. Consignment of Personal Information Processing

In principle, KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. does not entrust processing of such personal information to others without the consent of the users.

However, in the event that KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. consigns a third party to the processing of personal information, the contents of consignment work and trustees are posted on the service's website. We inform you that there are no consignment related to the processing of personal information on our website.

6. The rights of the users and legal representatives and their methods of exercise

The user may exercise the following rights as an informant (or legal representative of the subject

  1. 1) Require personal information access
  2. 2) Request for correction and deletion of personal information
  3. 3) Request to stop processing personal informationli>

The rights exercise according to the above can be completed in writing, e-mail or FAX according to the form No.8 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act, and KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. will be dealt with without delay. If the information subject requests correction or deletion of personal information errors, the personal information shall not be used or provided until the correction or deletion is completed. Requests for the suspension of personal information access and processing may restrict the rights of the information subject according to Article 35 paragraph 5 and Article 37 paragraph 2 of the Personal Information Protection Act. The demand for correction and deletion of personal information cannot be demanded if the personal information is specified as the target of collection in other statutes. Check whether the person who made the request, such as request for access to the information subject rights, request for correction or deletion, and request for suspension of processing, is the person who made the request or is a legitimate agent.

You can perform the rights activities according to the above through the legal representative of the information subject or the entrusted person. In this case, you must submit a letter of attorney according to the form No. 11 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act.

7. Matters concerning the installation and operation of automatic collection devices and their refusal

KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. installs and operates a device that automatically collects personal information such as 'cookie' that stores and finds users' information frequently. Cookies are tiny text files that are sent to the user's browser by the server used to run the KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. website and are stored on the user's computer hard disk.

  1. 1) Purpose of use of cookies, etc.
    1. Analyze the user's access frequency or stay time, identify the user's tastes and areas of interest, and utilize the information to improve the service
    2. Information on the items visited on the website and traces of items that have been looked around with interest are tracked and product information is provided on the next visit to the website.
  2. 2) How to reject cookie settings
    1. Users have the option to install cookies. Therefore, you can choose an option in your web browser to deny cookies by allowing all cookies, checking whenever you save cookies, or refusing to save all cookies.
    2. Examples of setup methods (for web browsers): Tools at the top of a web browser > Internet options > Change from personal information.
      However, if the user refuses to install cookies, it may be difficult to provide the service.
8. Revocation of Personal Information

In principle, KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. destroys personal information without delay if the retention period of personal information has expired or the purpose of processing has been achieved. However, this is not the case when other laws require preservation. Procedure, expiration date and method of decommissioning are as follows.

  1. 1) Disposal procedure and expiration date
    The information entered by the user shall be destroyed in accordance with the internal policy and related statutes after the retention period has expired or the purpose of processing has been achieved.
  2. 2) Disposal method
    When destroying the personal information processed by KORENS RTX Co., Ltd., destroy it using the following methods
    1. Electronic file type: Permanently delete in a way that cannot be restored
    2. For records, printed materials, written forms, and other recording media other than electronic file types: shredding or incineration
9. Measures to secure personal information safety

KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. is taking the following technical, administrative and physical steps to ensure safety

  1. 1) Establishing and implementing an internal management plan
    KORENS RTX Co., Ltd. provides internal procedures to prevent information leakage by people in advance through security pledge of employees before entering the company, and to monitor implementation of privacy policy and compliance with employees.
  2. 2) Minimizing and educating personal information service providers
    We minimize the designation of personal information service providers and provide regular training.
    In addition, the transfer of duties by the person handling personal information is carried out thoroughly while security is maintained, and responsibilities for personal information accidents are clarified after employment and retirement.
  3. 3) Restriction of access to personal information
    Access to personal information is controlled through granting, changing, or canceling access to the database system that processes personal information, and unauthorized access from outside is controlled using the intrusion prevention system and the intrusion prevention system.
  4. 4) Storage of access records and prevention of forgery
    Records (logs, summary information, etc.) accessed in the personal information processing system are kept and managed for at least six months
  5. 5) Encryption of personal information
    Personal information of users is encrypted, stored, and managed. In addition, we use separate security features such as arm luxury for storing and transferring critical data.
  6. 6) Technical measures against hacking, etc.
    To prevent personal information leakage or damage caused by hacking or computer viruses, we install security programs, update and inspect them periodically, install systems in areas where access from outside is controlled, and monitor and block technical and physical information.
  7. 7) Access control for non-authorised persons
    We establish and operate the access control procedures for personal information systems by setting up separate physical storage locations where personal information is stored.
10. Personal Information Protection Officer and Division
Personal Information Management Officer
department in charge
name bearing
Call 042-863-9380
Mail address

If you need to report or consult other personal information violations, please contact the following organization.

11. Duties of the Highlands

Any additions, deletions or modifications to the current Privacy Policy will be notified in advance through 'Notices' on the website.

  • Date of initial establishment : 2004 3 2
  • Last revision date: 2012 1 6 / 2018 8 13