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Nano Material

Ag coated Cu Particle

  • Features

    • Low resistance
    • Outstanding dispersibility
    • Physical stability
    • Outstanding work stability
    • Eco-friendly process
  • Applications

    • Conductive Paste
    • Can be used as a substitute for Ag powder


Property RTXCuAg30 RTXCuAg100 RTXCuAg 2M RTXCuAg 3M
Particle Size 20~40㎚ 80~120㎚ 1~3㎛ 2~4㎛
Color Light Grey Light Grey Light Grey Light Grey
Shape Spherical Spherical Spherical Spherical

SEM Images

  • Image 01
  • Image 02
  • Image 03

TEM line scan Images

  • Component Distribution Analysis